Application generator linked to SAP and BAAN

For manufacturing traceablity

Main features

The end-customers doesn't like sometimes to add customized developement in the ERP because it's more complicated to do it and need often a lot of time.

Statim is the solution to capture and control data in the manufacturing for operator, always connected to the ERP.

Every transactions (screen, control, printing, interface with ERP...) are very easy to create.

The end-customer can request Statim database as he wants. 

Few examples of process

◦ Operator inputs or scans barcode data linked to PO (Production Order) or TO (Transfer Order), and Statim controls, records and sends or not to the ERP

◦ Up / down traceability (Serial number or Lot number)

◦ Mounting control component

◦ Time-tracking on operator/machine

◦ Using tools

◦ Production supply control from the warehouse

◦ ...

Functional schema

◦ The link between the ERP and Statim is asynchronous: Statim doesn’t need real time interface with the ERPStatim needn’t ERP interface on real time to continue to answer to the operator.

◦ —Faster installation than an ERP integrated solution

◦ Statim manages other data the ERP can’t « digest »

◦ No more performance needed on the ERP server

◦ Only one user licence needed on ERP side for x operators working with Statim

Screen example

◦ Screen building, controls, processes, and ERP interface are very easy.

◦ Maintenance is also very easy, all setup are readable: no compilation code, only SQL language to achieve powerful controls.

◦ —Intuitive and active administration module : the administrator is aware of a problem before the operator.

◦ —Security : User/administrator profiles with rules



Benefits for reseller / integrator

—◦ Value-added service around statim integration : analysis, setup, implementation, maintenance, hotline and support

◦ —Ratio license / hardware & service : 30 / 70%

◦ —Technical support : directly provided by MULTiware (English/french)

◦— Remote assistance very easy due to the development architecture

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